meet haylo

I started Tattooing in 2007 After a portrait I drew of a friend that passed from a devastating motorcycle accident influenced a close friend of mine to trick my into going to “his tattoo session” only to find that the entire meeting was arranged to introduce me to his tattoo artist, he even grabbed my art book (photo album with all of my portfolio drawings).

After going completely silent as he glanced over several pages of my work, seeing that I did not have any visible tattoos myself, he told me to be there that Friday evening to do my first tattoo… And I will be tattooing myself.

My passion for drawing animals came from an early age.

My parents gave me wipe off board when I was 3 years old (to draw on while my older siblings were at school, and my mom could attend to my baby brother) And that is where I would spend hours and hours each day.

After going to my first circus, my art passion turned to elephants.

Then I rode my first pony, and that passion quickly changed direction to horses. And after that, every paper and wipe off board drawing, was 99% horses.

My children get up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons. I, however, was obsessed with National Geographic and the “Trials of Life” series among my obsession with animal documentaries. That passion for animals was defined in all of my art work.

When I was in 2nd grade, my teacher did not believe that I drew the drawing of a leopard cub that I turned into the school art show. I got a participation trophy, and it devastated me so much that I quit drawing.


My parents placed me in home school and encouraged me to draw again. Not for judges or the approval of teachers, but for myself. That when I returned to school in 7th grade, I was in advanced at classes for Freshman students only.

As a 12 year old, I won an art contest through a local business for their annual calendar, and my award was $1,000. I used that money to buy my first dog. A husky puppy named Kodi that was my consistent companion from my childhood to my young adult after dealing with the mixed emotions of an abusive father, and my parents divorce.

My art was my escape. I drew the life I wanted. The life of a horse rancher, the life of an Olympic gymnast, with a plethora of huskies.

My passion for animal art turned to human portraiture when the movie Titanic hit theaters in 1997, and Leonardo Dicaprio’s character “Jack” was my first human portrait.

I loved challenging myself to draw humans and animals to look as realistic as a photograph, and spent many hours with pencil and paper perfecting my craft.

I was able to bring this passion for animals and human portraiture into my tattooing career, and from 2007-2010, I longed to do more photo realistic pieces to have to opportunity to show my true potential beyond horoscope symbols and walk in script pieces.

In March 2011, I shattered my right arm in an arm wrestling tournament after 10 years as a competitor. And On Christmas 2011, my daughter was born. And I realized that I now have someone else to live for. Someone else that is going to watch my every move, my every word, and my every action. I knew it was time to take my career seriously if I wanted to give my daughter the life I always wanted to have for myself.

I put full focus on directing my portfolio into specializing in larger scale, photo realism. And in the process, I was challenged to do a tattoo of a watercolor painting of elephants.

Elephants. It was not coincidence, it was the birth of my love of doing watercolor style as a fun, creative outlet that was 2nd only to my photo realism art works.

In 2014, I started submitting my work for publications, and pushed my social network into full steam ahead to build my empire of my name, and my art work, and I was hitting goal after goal with solid dedication.

I learned from many big name artists, mimicked their tactics on all levels of their successful careers that inspired me to keep working to move forward.

This industry is insanely dominated by men, and is very difficult for a woman to make her presence known, let alone become remotely successful by portfolio or financial standards.

My very first mentor reached out to me not long ago, telling me he was proud of me for never giving up, never holding back, and that I was his most successful apprentice. He said he knew I had to potential, but unless I was willing to work my ass off for it, it was never going to happen.

In 2015, I met my husband Josh, completing my family of 4 (including my husky), bringing the highest form of happiness I have ever felt in my life. With my husbands loving support, My portfolio took on whole new evolution, (and it showed) my work ethic took a step up to working smarter, not harder.

On January 1st 2019, I joined the Lions Den. In my 1st 30 days I asked questions, reached out to other business owners and legal professionals… Gaining the knowledge of what it took to be ON MY OWN… Only to be fired February 1st, 2019… And finally launching INK GODDESS TATTOOS in March of 2019.